All Vinyasa Yoga classes are open to every level of ability.  Beginners will be offered modifications and advanced practitioners will be guided deeper into their practice.  The flow of poses varies depending on the format chosen by the instructor to access the body differently in each class.  Vinyasa builds core strength, coordination, flexibility and a sense of serenity in the body as a result harmony and union is created between ourselves and with the world around us.  Students of all levels of ability and yoga experience are honored for their unique differences, limitations and talents in a Non-competitive environment.  Best of all its really fun!

Private Instruction

Whether you are an experienced practitioner wanting to deepen your practice or new to yoga and wish to be introduced to the practice in a comfortable one-to-one setting, private or semi-private yoga instruction is a wonderful way to receive individual attention for your specific needs. Addressing any specific part of the body, individual injuries or conditions such as carpal tunnel, low back pain, sciatica, knee injuries, infertility, or hip replacements, each session is tailored specifically to the individual.   You will leave with a deeper sense of your own body and beneficial poses to do at home.
$45.00/hr./one, two or three persons.


Fun, active and also relaxing, a non-competitive activity for kids and teens that gives self-confidence, strength and flexibility.  This exuberating class teaches kids to turn inward, develop control over their bodies and open their hearts to better connect with the world around them.  Kids will love becoming the animals that the poses are named after.  They will have fun while strengthening their growing bodies, stretching their muscles and improving their balance and coordination.  Yoga will start them on a path toward lifelong health and happiness.
But ………shhhhh,  Don’t tell them it’s good for them!

Kirtan Check home page for occasional Kirtans.

Kirtan is the practice of sacred chanting in Sanskrit – a form of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.  Like all yoga practices, its aim is to bring our deeper awareness to the breath of life within our selves.  Singing these simple but powerful mantras can have a transformational and healing effect on every level of our being.  It’s an easy and fun yoga practice for all ages and abilities, and a wonderful way to renew your energy and spirit.  No experience required and best of all it’s FREE!!!

Anand Restorative Yoga    Anand= bliss.

Treat yourself to this journey in which the student is guided and pampered through a series of yoga poses while the body is supported by bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks.   Some poses are backbends, while others are forward bends, gently twisting the spine both left and right.  Music, poetry, and visualization are used to help set the mood of relaxation and stimulate the Parasympathetic nervous system responsible for balance and equilibrium.  Because we stand or sit most of the day, blood and lymph fluid accumulate in the lower extremities, gentle inversions as simple as legs up the wall or over a bolster help to reverse the effects of gravity.   The body is able to rest and restore unlike when we are in a sleeping state.  Best of all it’s cheaper than going to the SPA!

Hot Jammin Yoga

A flowing yoga sequence focusing breath, strength, flexibility, and balance. Thoughtfully sequenced music is used as a tool to get out of your head and into the body while moving with the breath to empower and give intention to each posture

balance= a weight, force,, or influence counteracting the effect of another. Webster dictionary