Dearest Cherie,
I never considered myself a “yoga person” and couldn’t’ imagine the benefits of yoga until one of my friends “dragged” me to your class 3 years ago.  My friend assured me I would love you and your teachings, and she was SO RIGHT!
Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of yoga (not to mention your infectious laugh that I ADORE) have benefitted me in more ways than I could have ever thought or imagined!  My body, mind, and soul have all been transformed by your teachings, and I cannot thank you enough! I truly love my mat time with you (my body craves it), and I always leave your class feeling better, calmer, lighter, happier, centered than when I walked in the door. You are a truly remarkable woman, and I am blessed to have you as my yoga teacher!
Namaste, Kim C.
I can’t speak enough to the amazing ways that you and the other instructors at the The Yoga Room have strengthened and educated me.  Yoga has truly changed me and my view of life and the world around me.  I was really excited to take up running again this summer and it was instantly apparent that the my physical and mental yoga practice enhanced my ability to acclimate to this new, high impact-high cardio activity with greater ease.  I thank you with all my heart.
Namaste, Rebecca R.
Thank you Cherie,
When I started yoga in Idaho Springs I was so new to it I didn’t even have a mat. I was looking for something to help my back pain and to get a little exercise.  Although I had only been in one other yoga room I felt like this room was special and felt a very calm peaceful energy.  I am a recovering alcoholic, and have been sober for two and a half years.  While my mind, body and soul were healing it took some time to experience the feeling of natural joy. I was so used to getting relief from the poison I was putting into my body, everything about me forgot how to feel good in sober living.
I have been doing yoga now for about six months and it makes me so happy.  It has been great for me in many ways.  It has given me much relief from my back pain, better flexibility and posture but the natural joy it brings me feels wonderful.  I am so grateful for yoga and feel like I reap the benefits from it daily because even when I’m not practicing it, I am looking forward to it!

Jaime L.


Suggested Reading
  • Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Yoga & Ayurveda, David Frawley
  • Living Your Yoga, Judith Lasater
  • Insight Yoga, Sarah Powers
  • Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith
  • Language of Yoga, Nicolai Bachman
  • Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Shunryu Suzuki
I sincerely hope that “what comes to me as seed, goes on as flower, and what comes to me as flower, goes on as fruit.”

-Mary Oliver